The arrival of the haggis was, as always, a key part of the Robbie Burns dinner on January 19 at the Lions Hall in St. Peter's.
Photos by Dana MacPhail Touesnard
Rev. Allan MacMillan was once again on hand to deliver the spirited “Address to the Haggis,” and later performed a Scottish song, at the 17th Annual Robbie Burns Dinner in St. Peter’s.
Singer Cathy Campbell performed a Gaelic song during the Robbie Burns dinner in St. Peter’s, hosted by the Richmond MacAdian Ceilidh Dancers.
The Richmond MacAdian Ceilidh Dancers performed several numbers during the Robbie Burns dinner. This year’s theme for the event came from the Scottish bard’s celebrated poem, “My Love is a Red, Red Rose.”
Don McLean delivered a “Toast to the Queen.”
Helen MacDonald delivered the Selkirk Grace, a pre-meal prayer attributed to Robbie Burns.
Landry (right) had some fun with the “Toast to the Lassies”, while his wife Dianne Landry was ready to respond in kind with “A Lassie Replies” and a “Ttoast to the Laddies.”
The Richmond MacAdian Ceilidh Dancers gathered for a group photo after hosting the 17th Annual Robbie Burns Dinner in St. Peter’s on January 19.
Singer Mary (McLean) Wiwczor performed Burns’ “Now Westlin Winds.”
Phyllis Cote spoke about the immortal memory of Robert Burns and offered her thanks to Piper Keith MacDonald who paid tribute to her late husband, Wally Ellison, by playing his pipes and wearing his kilt for the event.
Keith MacDonald piped in the haggis while Charles MacIntyre served as the sword bearer.
Rosemary McLean served as the evening’s emcee and led the audience in a few Scottish songs.
Conrad Landry and Phonse Cotie offered whiskey samples before the meal was served.
Winston Kennedy offered a “Toast to Old Scotland.”