I missed the Canadian Thanksgiving but American Thanksgiving is November 23 so I think I can still consider this a timely column.

What? You don’t know. I could have gone international. Think of it; me zipping around Europe, wining and dining the French elite and then ripping it up with some English hooligans at a pub on game day, all the while making my way writing nonsense about sandwiches and which Jennifer I would marry. (Aniston. She’s tough.)

So… yeah after that mild psychotic breakdown, it’s time to get to my column of thanks. It’s kind of like festivus (see Seinfeld) except I don’t hate this column. I’m sorry, but Seinfeld did not really appeal to me. I can’t say it wasn’t funny because it clearly was but it mostly came off as snark and borderline mean-spirited.

Anyway, here we go.

I am thankful for my friends. You may or may not have picked up on the fact that I am a somewhat disagreeable fellow. While I usually wear that term like a badge of honour, mostly because of the fellow part, I don’t like being disagreeable with my friends. I am not particularly social so my friends are special to me.

However, I occasionally let my issues get to me and I freak out and push people away because I don’t like being a disappointment. I don’t like doing it but it happens and then I am too stubborn to change, and yeah, it turns into a mess. However, sometimes I am smart enough to try and make amends, like I did this week with some folks who deserved to be treated better than the way I treated them. Thanks guys, seriously, and to all the folks who consider themselves my friends. You guys rule.

I am thankful to Marvel for letting Thor Ragnarok happen. I do not know what mystical cosmic alchemy had to happen to land Taika Waititi in the director’s chair, but wow. This is officially my favourite Marvel movie. (I am now wondering if I should have written spoiler alert at the start of the column but it’s been out for three weeks by now. If you haven’t seen it yet you’ve only yourself to blame.) The action was great, it looked like a comic book, and best of all, the writing was hilarious. One of the funniest movies I’ve seen in five years. Easily. Can’t say enough good things about this… oh wait I forgot about Kate Blanchett. How can I possibly forget Kate Blanchett? She deserves an Oscar every year simply for existing but since those are given out for acting and not being a queen, she should get best supporting nomination for this. She was boss as the big bad evil person. So awesome.

I am thankful for chicken wings. Wings have become my one culinary indulgence aside from adding extra roast beef to my lunch wrap. Dropping about 90 per cent of my sugar intake was only mildly traumatizing. I only got worried once when I was listening to “Tell Her About It” and I thought, you know, Billy Joel is really under-appreciated. That was a rough one but I got through it.

I am thankful to DC for finally letting Justice League happen. Look, I know I said the movie is going to be terrible and it likely will be a mess. Here’s the thing though: I am hoping it is good and I will see it anyway, if for no other reason than Wonder Woman was fantastic and it gave me reason to think DC may have its act together. The Justice League cartoon may have been my first introduction to superheroes. Do I wish I was more confident about the movie? Obviously. Is a little part of me excited to see all of my early heroes in one place? Absolutely. I will be there with bells on.

I’m done now.