A PC government is on the horizon

In just a few short years, Nova Scotians will elect a PC government with Tim Houston as Premier.

I am convinced that this change is coming and there’s no doubt in my mind that soon, a majority of Nova Scotians will know that as well.

Across the nation, Canadians are losing patience with Liberal governments and their unwillingness to be transparent and accountable. Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, recently New Brunswick, next up Alberta, and soon Nova Scotia will join in that realization and come 2021, they will be looking for a real alternative that is both responsible and responsive to their needs.

I’ve been blessed with many great friendships over the years. Tim Houston has been a great friend and colleague who I had the good fortune to work with during the years I served in federal politics. Tim was always earnest, hardworking and brought great intelligence, common sense and determination to everything he did. I look forward to watching his journey into government unfold.

Though there’s no clear formula for success when it comes to leading a political party or a province, there is a clear path forward for Tim Houston and a PC majority government. And it starts with openness and hard work.

The voices of teachers, healthcare professionals and industry have not been heard and all are suffering for it now. Listening is the ultimate responsibility for any politician who wants to lead. Failing to do so is when confidence and trust erode. Ultimately, when our public institutions and those who serve the public suffer and fail, the harm is enormous.

Tim Houston’s passion and his work ethic are only rivaled by his unparalleled ability to really listen and deliver. When you chat with Tim, you’ll know immediately what I’m talking about. He cares and he listens and then he acts. I am confident that he’ll continue to listen to Nova Scotians in his constituency, throughout the province and in the Legislature, which will lead him to the Premier’s Office.

Over the last decade, Nova Scotians have also been subjected to wishy-washy provincial governments who would sooner avoid tough decisions than take a stand. We need decisiveness and courage leading our province. Tim has demonstrated both time and time again as a business leader, a father, an MLA, the Finance Critic and now as PC leader.

Our next Premier is going to have their work cut out for them. We need someone to get back to the basics, be bold and thoughtful and return the focus to what matters to the people of Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotians deserve access to a family doctor and a healthcare system that isn’t fraying at the seams. Nova Scotians should have confidence that their children will have the best possible education in a classroom, unburdened by massive class sizes.

They deserve opportunities for jobs at home in Nova Scotia that align with their skills and training; new opportunities that will attract our best and brightest to return to the place they grew up and love.

Tim is already searching for ways to improve the quality of life here in Nova Scotia. He’s listening to your ideas and actively seeking new investment and opportunities.

He has been a strong proponent of renewing the Energy East pipeline alongside New Brunswick’s Premier Higgs and a growing chorus of Western Premiers. This is an incredible, once-in-a-generation opportunity that has the potential to be transformational for our province and for all of Atlantic Canada. Unfortunately, our current government and the 32 Liberal MPs have remained silent on this issue. We need our government to stand resolute with other provinces and actively and rigorously pursue this project and the opportunity it could bring to this region.

We have a clear path for a better future for all Nova Scotia with Tim Houston as our Premier. I look forward to a fresh new era of prosperity and hope reaching Nova Scotia’s shores with a new government in 2021.

Peter MacKay

Former Member of Parliament for

Central Nova and Cabinet Minister