A trillion-dollar milestone

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government recently passed a milestone. Sadly, it’s an expensive one for Canadian taxpayers.

Our government’s market debt topped $1 trillion not long ago. That means Canadian taxpayers owe interest payments on $1 trillion in outstanding bills.

It’s another sign that Justin Trudeau is failing the taxpayer. When he was running for Prime Minister, he promised he would borrow no more than $10 billion per year, and balance the budget again by 2019.

But this year’s deficit is now three times what he said it would be. And there’s no plan to balance the budget for the next 27 years. There’s only one outcome: high taxes for hardworking Canadians.

Justin Trudeau promised he’d help them, but he’s failed to deliver any meaningful relief.

You can count on Canada’s Conservatives to give taxpayers a voice. We will always stand up for lower taxes and a balanced budget.

Rob Moore

Conservative Shadow Minister

for Atlantic Issues