Abyss and Burke drop Titus and Steel in UCW visit

Photo by Grant McDaniel Young fans were having a blast due to the exploits of WWE legend Bushwacker Luke.
Photo by Grant McDaniel
Abyss lands a choke slam on Titus as Broody Steel recoups in the corner.

PORT HAWKESBURY: So, what was Titus’ problem anyway?

There we were at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre, 300-plus wrestling fans ready to see the stars of Ultimate Championship Wrestling bang and clang through a five-match card. Champion Markus Burke was limbering up in the dressing room, massive Broody Steel was readying himself by bench pressing Toyotas, and TNA star Abyss was seen lurking around the Pirate dressing room.

Everyone was ready for a dynamite Thursday night, and just prior to the opening match, Titus decided to rough-up local volunteer Landon Morris, the Strait area’s go-to guy for UCW wrestling.

That’s the sort of thing Champion Burke doesn’t cotton to.

The champ hit the ring, drove off Titus, and told the fans he had a great idea about tonight’s main event: a championship match between himself and Titus.

Game on, said Titus.

After the main event was set, the wrestling card started with Maddison Miles taking on the far more experienced Kelly Klein. Klein is one of the stars of Ring of Honor, one of the wrestling promotions currently giving the WWE a run for its money. She also competes with the UCW.

Miles, on the other hand, is young. Her Facebook page points out she is 16 years old.

Klein’s experience showed through much of the match, as she came close to a pin fall after landing a variation of a powerbomb. However, it was Miles who ended up pulling the win, thanks to an inside cradle from out of nowhere.

The second match of the evening saw Kris Hicks, whose trunks billed him as “Your Canadian Idol”, take to the ring to face a WWE Hall of Famer, Bushwacker Luke.  

Hicks wasn’t too well-regarded by the fans, and at one point he came nose-to-nose with 101.5 The Hawk’s morning man, Scottie O. Eventually, the more experienced Bushwacker got the drop on Hicks, in what might have killed a lesser man: Luke dropped his pants, stunk-faced Hicks, and then rendered him mercifully unconscious with a neckbreaker.

Photo by Grant McDaniel
Maritime legends Leo Burke (left) and The Cuban Assassin pose with a few locals during last Thursday’s card.

In the third match of the night, Julien Young defended his Junior Heavyweight Championship against Chip Chambers, J.P. Simms, and Charlie Winsor.

After that, Titus and Burke were set to have their scrap, but Brody Steel interfered for his buddy Titus. While things looked pretty bleak for the champ, he found a helping hand from Abyss and a tag team match was set to end the card.

After a match that saw the members of Sabotage face each other, the tag match took place. Titus and Steel did a great job of isolating Burke, keeping the monstrous Abyss out of the ring. Abyss is every bit as large as Steel, who is said to be 6’8” and 320 lbs.


Photo by Grant McDaniel
Local fans were certainly on side of Markus Burke.

Eventually, Abyss found the tag, leading to a confrontation between the big men. Their battle allowed Burke to recharge his batteries and, much to Titus’ disappointment, land a tiger bomb on the challenger. Burke scored the pin fall.

Speaking to The Reporter after the card, the champ said he and his fellow wrestlers were very pleased with their reception in town.

“Overall, it was a great success,” said Burke, who comes from Campbellton, N.B., but who wrestled all over the world.

“Having over 300 people here means we’ll definitely come back. It was a very big success. The fans were great, and I can’t wait to come back.”

Burke said he was really happy to have local fans rally behind him, considering Titus and Steel were tough dudes to contend with.

“I needed them behind me, because we were going through some hard times,” he said. “They knew exactly when to help, and they delivered.”