Annual River Bourgeois Festival

Photos by Dana MacPhail Touesnard -- Although Emily Grimes took an early lead, Vincent McDonald (left) surged just before shore to take first place, with Grimes in second and Gabriel Leamon (right) picking up third place in the cardboard boat race in River Bourgeois on August 26.
Heidi LeRoux, the chairperson of the River Bourgeois Youth Development Committee, is pictured cutting the cake marking the official opening of the River Bourgeois playground on September 1.
Abel Petrie was perched (with adult support) in position to watch the cardboard boat race participants construct their boats.
The community recreation area in River Bourgeois was a hub of activity for the official opening of the play area, as well as a number of children’s activities that were part of the community’s 40th annual community festival, dubbed the Ruby Jubilee.
Ben Snowdon participated in the cardboard boat race in River Bourgeois on August 26 that helped kick off the community’s weeklong summer festival.
Lilly Snowdon helped Baya Anderson and Pyper Matheson enjoy the playground’s new swing set on September 1.
Participants in the River Bourgeois Cardboard Boat Races were provided cardboard, styrofoam, duct tape and utility knives and quickly went to work.
Owen Costard enjoyed the slide at the new playground in River Bourgeois on Saturday afternoon during the community’s annual festival.
Otto and Silas MacNeil are pictured with their cardboard boat before heading down to the docks to begin the race.
Quinn LeBlanc took a ride on the swing set at the new playground in River Bourgeois during the community’s ‘Ruby Jubilee” festival.
Organizers happily reported this was the first year all of the cardboard boats made it back to shore relatively intact.
A scavenger hunt was part of the Saturday afternoon activities that were part of the 40th annual River Bourgeois festival events.
When his cardboard paddle began to fail him Silas MacNeil opted to jump in the water to bring his boat -and his brother Otto – to shore.
– In addition to the cake celebrating the opening of the new playground, children were invited to line up for a make-your-own sundae bar. Rose Merrick and Sharon Stone helped serve during the event, which was part of the community festival’s 40th anniversary, or Ruby Jubilee.