My Facebook timeline tells me it is about time for my annual television review, and since I am nothing if not a creature of habit, here we go.

Please keep in mind I don’t care what you think about my choices. Seriously. Also, there is no need whatsoever to come up and try to hold a discussion with me about your favourites. I care even less about your favourites than I do about your opinion of mine.

  1. The Big Bang Theory: The only reason I watch this show is because I used to watch this show. Loyalty is the one thing keeping me tuned into the adventures of these ubergeeks and their loved ones. It was once a relatable sitcom about nerds who had a hard time with women. It’s since become every other sitcom. I’ll give it a D-plus, and it only gets the plus because of nostalgia.
  2. Speechless: I found this show so funny I bought the entire season and it was solid throughout. Not having lived with a family member who has cerebral palsy, I am not sure how realistic the show is but it works. I am a big Minnie Driver fan and John Ross Bowie was surprisingly funny as the father who seems to be the one sane member of the wacky bunch. Hard B-plus.
  3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: I had no idea what night of the week this show was on but I watched most of the episodes digitally. This is my standard Netflix go-to show when I can’t find anything else (that’s a good thing). I am also impressed with the fact they’ve kept up the quality for the last four years. How this show doesn’t do better come awards season, I have no idea.
  4. Sense 8: Probably the best made television series going right now, including all of HBO’s content. This show may not be for everyone (it’s only on Netflix, the episodes are an hour long and full of content, the sex is sure to make a few uncomfortable) but it gets my highest recommendation. This deserves an AA-plus.
  5. Hap and Leonard: When this show came out on the Sundance network last year, it looked terrible. I tried one episode but the visuals were so blurry and out-of-focus it took away from the rest of the show. When it came out on Netflix earlier this year, the visuals were crystal clear and I watched the whole six episode season in a day. The enjoyable writing gets a boost from the top-notch acting, making for a fun and intense show. I only give it a B because Sundance decided to not even bother airing the second season in Canada.
  6. Kevin Can Wait: I only watched this Kevin James vehicle because I knew I would hate it. Sure, that doesn’t make a lot of sense but that’s me. I am sure it will find a niche audience but it’s just boring. This one gets an F.
  7. Letterkenny: This show is the only reason I have the Crave TV application on my Xbox. It is not worth the cost of the streaming service by itself but there are other shows on there (Kingdom, The Goldbergs) that keep me entertained so we’re good. Season two was better than the enjoyable first season so I hope the series will continue to improve. It gets a B with the possibility of an A next year if they keep pumping out one-off episodes before returning with a full season.

I’m done now.

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Antigonish native Matt Draper has been a photographer, reporter and columnist for The Reporter since 2003.