Antigonish County Council hears from Port Hawkesbury Paper

ANTIGONISH: County council heard from a local paper mill last week.

During a recent regular meeting of council for the Municipality of the County of Antigonish, members heard from representatives of Port Hawkesbury Paper on what has been happening with the operation.

Following the presentation, Warden Owen McCarron said council usually hears from PHP every year to offer an update. The warden said the presentation was a good overview as well as a good opportunity for councillors to ask questions and learn about the forest management practices of PHP. One topic that received mention was PHP’s use of clear cutting.

“As they said tonight, clear cutting is a part of treatment that’s needed,” said McCarron. “It’s not a necessary treatment in every stand but some stands really do need to be clear cut.”

McCarron said the follow-up treatment is also critical, so reforestation happens in a practical and effective matter.

The warden also pointed to the amount of land the operation works on, noting there may be a common myth PHP removes wood from a larger area than they actually do.

“I think when they gave an overview of the areas they actually have to leave as natural areas, it’s a fairly high percentage,” said McCarron. “Almost 50 per cent of the area under the crown license, they actually can’t go in.

“I think that allays of the few of the fears people have that it’s just wide spread clear cutting everywhere.”