ANTIGONISH: The county’s warden said he was part of a discussion regarding local interchanges with the province’s transportation minister.

Warden Owen McCarron said he met with Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister and Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie MLA Lloyd Hines on October 29 regarding items such as the interchange, coming from the roundabouts to the old Trunk 4, and the intersection on Beech Hill.

“Obviously, any fixes to any of those interchanges are pieces that take some time and obviously it requires funding to do it,” said McCarron. “We had a good positive meeting with the minister.”

The warden said he got a good sense from the minister that the province is looking into its options. With a lot of traffic at the Beech Hill intersection, McCarron said the plan is to produce a solution that reduces the possibility of collisions.

“They feel they have a couple possibilities worked out,” he said of the province.

McCarron said Hines also discussed the twinning of Highway 104 and the need to get information into the department regarding roads of concern within the municipality.

“Council members are looking at roads in each district and we’ll submit lists of priorities to the department through the minister,” he added.