ANTIGONISH: A municipally owned energy group is looking to diversify.

The Alternative Resource Energy Authority (AREA) – an intra-municipal partnership involving the Towns of Antigonish, Berwick, and Mahone Bay, in a 10 turbine wind project – is investigating the option of solar gardens.

Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher said AREA staff is looking into the idea, instead of putting all of their eggs in one basket. She said they are hoping this will boost the percentage of green energy used within the towns, which at the moment, is around 40 per cent.

Boucher said the goal is to have a solar garden in each of the participating municipalities.

“We do have land that used to be the old dump,” said Boucher. “It’s in the county but the land belongs to the Town of Antigonish and that looks like a prime spot for the solar garden.”

She said they are also looking at importing energy from outside sources in the hopes of buying when it is most lucrative to AREA. The mayor added she is proud of AREA staff for the work they put into the projects.