ANTIGONISH: A local town decided to fly a different flag for the first time ever.

On February 1, the Town of Antigonish raised the African Nova Scotian flag at its offices. Organizers are flying the flag to kick-off African Heritage Month.

Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher called it a historic time, not only for Antigonish, but Nova Scotia.


“It’s the first time a flag, other than the Canadian flag, the provincial flag or the municipal flag has been flown on our pole,” said the mayor.

“We’re very proud of that. We’re proud again for Antigonish to be one of the first municipalities to do something like this. It is a sense of awareness, a sense of welcoming, and wanting everyone to accept diversity in our community.”

Organizers watched as the African Nova Scotian Flag went up the Antigonish Town flag pole on February 1 then joined the celebration.

Lorraine Reddick, co-chair of Zone 7 for the African Heritage Month committee, said seeing the flag flying in Antigonish was wonderful.

“It’s been a long history of not knowing about my history,” said Reddick.

“To see this happen today, to have the flag come up, it’s just a wonderful thing. I pray that it will show everybody culture really matters.”

Reddick said she’s been living in Antigonish for over 40 years, noting the flag raising helps her feel part of the community.

“I believe this is the way it should be, it’s just a natural, normal thing,” she said.

“All cultures are recognized and February is African Heritage Month and it reinforces why we have African Heritage Month.”

Photos by Matt Draper
Antigonish mayor Laurie Boucher read a proclamation before the African Nova Scotian flag was raised in front of Antigonish Town Hall on February 1.