ANTIGONISH: A pair of landowners is not pleased with a decision of town council.

A public hearing is set following an appeal of Doug MacDonald and Robert Sers regarding a decision made by Antigonish Town Council to approve the rezoning of lands located at 116-118 Church Street.

An advertisement run by Antigonish Town Council describes the decision to rezone 116 Church Street from R1 to R2, allowing for two residential units on a single lot and “consideration for sub-division and development as a flag lot.”

Town council made its decision on June 19. Doug MacDonald and Robert Sers appealed the decision on September 14.

A Notice of Planning Appeal states the Municipal Government Act allows an aggrieved person or applicant to appeal only on the grounds that a decision “does not reasonably carry out the intent of the municipal planning strategy.”

When asked to describe how council did not reasonably carry out the intent of the strategy, the landowners stated that council “failed to inform affected residents by mail,” and added that the design of the new building “negatively affects the privacy and property values of residents, particularly Robert Sers’ residence at 108 Church Street.”

The public hearing is set to take place on May 1, with May 2-3 set aside if necessary.