Pictured is the former Arichat Academy which housed students from around the Strait area.

As early as 1824 a functioning school existed in Arichat. By 1834, the school faced insurmountable financial difficulties. As a result, the creditors – primarily John Tyrrell, a prominent Arichat merchant – foreclosed on the property, but instead of closing it, Tyrrell hired two lay teachers. This continued until 1842 when the school was closed for want of a teacher.

In the summer of 1860, Les Freres des Ecoles Chretiennes began teaching the boys of Arichat Academy.

In 1865 the provincial government passed an act which designated the Brothers’ school and the convent as high schools. This meant that all teachers were required to take examinations in English but the brothers refused to submit to this. They resigned and were replaced by lay teachers, one of whom was Remi Benoit.

The following was taken from the registers of Arichat Academy in 1925.

The students below, from Grades 4 and 5, were taught by Sr. Cecile Marie:

Hazel Thurgood, Albert Thurgood

Isabel Chisholm, Dr. A.W., Chisholm, Margaree

Willie Chisholm, Dr. A.W. Chisholm, Margaree

Evelyn Shaw, Thomas Shaw

Mary Rose Daigle, Joseph Daigle

Bernie Ainsworth, Mr. Ainsworth

Edith Theriault, Constant Theriault

The following students, from Grades 6-8 were in the “Advanced” section taught by Sr. Marie de Cenache:

Leo Boudreau, Daniel, Arichat

Willie Maloney, Wallace Maloney

Pierre Goyetche, Alcide Goyetche

James McDonald, Mrs. Stephen McDonald

Francis Burton, Mrs. Bertie Burton

Lillian Boudreau, Daniel, Arichat

Jeannette Hureau, Thomas, Arichat

Anita Boutin, William Boutin

Eliza Goyetche, Alcide Goyetche

Haidee Thurgood, Albert Thurgood

Anita Stone, Charles Stone

The following students, from Grades 9-11 were in the High School section taught by Sr. Marie Ste. Firmine:

Rodolphe LeBlanc, Thomas, LeBlanc, West Arichat

Pierre Thibeault, Pierre Thibeault

Evelyn Campbell, D.H. Campbell

Ella Cutler, W.O. Cutler

Helen LeBrun, Arthur A. LeBrun

Janie Forest, Mrs. Daniel Forest

Christina Dunphy, William Dunphy

Marie LeBlanc, Alfred LeBlanc

Eugenie Doucet, Pepin Doucet, St. Joseph du Moine

Germaine Comeau, Alex MacKinnon

Francoise Boucher, William Boucher

Elmira Boudreau, Louis Boudreau, Arichat

Clarisse LeBlanc, Mrs. Sabine Rose LeBlanc, Arichat

Hazel Burton, Mrs. Albert Burton

Margaret Chisholm, Dr. A.W. Chisholm, Margaree

Annie MacDonald, Angus A.,MacDonald, Centennial

Ada Cobin, Martha Cobin, Boylston

Clara Pellerin, James Pellerin, Larry’s River

Vincent Power, James Power, Arichat

Percy Young, Cpt. Frank Young, Arichat

Gustave Comeau, Cpt. Alex MacKinnon

Mary Carroll, W.F. Carroll , Sydney

Isabella LeBlanc, Pierre LeBlanc, Halifax

Jean Maddin, James Maddin, Sydney

Daniel MacDonald, Christine MacDonald, Judique

Leo Campbell, Leo E. Campbell, Judique

Amedee Boucher, William Boucher, Arichat