February 5, 1906: Joseph Louis Mury, son of Remi Mury and Géneviève Mirande, married Marie Goyèche, daughter of Eusèbe Goyèche and Louise Boucher, witnesses: Willie Cordeau and Évangeline Goyètche

June 27, 1906: Alexandre W. Chisholm, son of John W. Chisholm and Mary Chisholm, married Clara LeBrun, daughter of Jean LeBrun and Anne Hearn, witnesses: William Carroll and Elizabeth Jameson

July 16, 1906: Willie Samson, widower of Marie Martel, married Elise Samson, widow of Willie Martel, witnesses: Willie Samson and Alexina Bois

July 23, 1906: Walter Petitpas, son of Joseph Petitpas and Caroline Forêt, married Marie Emma Lavache, daughter of William Lavache and Elizabeth Thomas, witnesses: Simon Boucher and Mathilda Lavache

August 21, 1906: Francis Ryan, son of Daniel Ryan and Theresa McNeil, married Angèle Coste, daughter of François Coste and Marguerite Bouche, witnesses: Walter Coste and Minnie Coste

October 15, 1906: Étienne Samson, son of Joseph Samson and Elizabeth Rançon, married Josephine Martel, daughter of Edouard Martel and Marcelline Samson, witnesses: Guillaume Rançon and Sabine Martel

October 29, 1906: Alphonse Theriault, son of Laurent Theriault and Marguerite Marchand, married Mathilda Lavache, daughter of Guillaume Lavache and Elizabeth Thomas, witnesses: Léon Richard and Évangeline Thériault

January 14 1907: Hilaire Boudrot, son of Dosithée Boudrot and Lucie Jeoffroi, married Martha Bois, daughter of Hilaire Bois and Louise Martel, witnesses: Jean Boudrot and Delvina Bois

January 22, 1907: Fred Marchand, son of Benjamin Marchand and Marguerite Landry, married Louise McPherson, daughter of James McPherson and Mary Hart, witnesses: Edouard Landry and Marie Marchand

February 4, 1907: Alfred Coste, son of Jeffrey Coste and Louise Boudrot, married Sophie Murie, daughter of Laurent Murie and Marie Ann Boudrot, witnesses: Albert Wolfe and Maude Murie

February 4, 1907: Joseph Forgeron, son of Félix Forgeron and Virginie Lejeune, married Marie Fougère, daughter of Laurent Fougère and Catherine Robinson, witnesses: Willie Robinson and Marguerite Fougère

February 4, 1907: Albert Boudrot, son of Silvère Boudrot and Judith Babineau, married Marthe Boudrot, daughter of Daniel Boudrot and Marie Ann Martel, witnesses: Jacques Marchand and Alvina Bois

February 17, 1907: Otto Mathias Snook, widower of Alice Edmonds, married May Samson, daughter of Magloire Samson and Marguerite McPharlane, witnesses: Pierre Fougère and Simon Boudrot

April 23, 1907: Thomas Rançon, widower of Philomène Luce, married Sabine Ann Boudrot, daughter of Jean Boudrot and Anne Martel, witnesses: Robert Sutherland and Marie Petitpas

June 3, 1907: Simon Richard, widower of Elise Fougère, married Marguerite Allain, widow of Charles LeBlanc, witnesses: Charles Marchand and Charles Bégin

September 2, 1907: Calixte Boucher, widower of Virginie Martel, married Marie Jeanne Boudrot, daughter of Isidore Boudrot and Marine Boudrot, witnesses: Daniel Boudrot and Philomène Allain

October 15, 1907: Willie Martel, son of Edouard Martel and Marcelline Samson, married Abrina Samson, daughter of Joseph Samson and Elizabeth Samson, witnesses: Fred Samson and Minnie Samson

November 5, 1907: Honoré Boudrot, son of William Boudrot and Delina Samson, married Sara J. Boudrot, daughter of Daniel Isaï Boudrot and Marie Boudrot, witnesses: Fred Boudrot and Marguerite David

November 20, 1907: Arthur Poirier, widower, married Sarah Jeanne Goyetche, daughter of Jean Goyetche and Angélique Bourque, witnesses: Jacques Goyetche and Emilie Goyetche