January 31, 1916: Joseph Marchand, son of Abram Marchand, married Marie Bertina Thibeau, daughter of Edouard Thibeau, witnesses Henri Boudreau and Clara Marchand

February15, 1916: Amedée Goyètche, son of Norbert Goyètche, married Marie Emma Boudreau, daughter of William D. Boudreau, witnesses Joseph LeBlanc and Sabine Martel

March 4, 1916: William E. Madden, son of Daniel Madden, married Judith Alice Samson, daughter of Félix Samson, witnesses Wilfrid F. Samson and Évangeline Samson

March 7, 1916: Sylvère Boudreau, son of William Boudreau, married Henriette Anne Martel, daughter of Lamant Martel

November 29, 1916: John Tyrrell, son of Patrick Tyrrell, married Agatha Sullivan, daughter of James Sullivan, witnesses Dr. B.A. LeBlanc and Loretta Power

November 27, 1916: Henri Landry, son of Honoré Landry, married Marguerite Goyètche, daughter of Henri Goyètche

November 27, 1916: Thomas Boudreau, son of Xavier Boudreau, married Évangéline Landry, daughter of Honoré Landry

February 5, 1916: Alfred Woolf, son of Chas. Woolf, married Marie Cécile Landry, daughter of Leoni Landry, witnesses François Woolf (DeWolf) and Clara Coste

February 15, 1916: Joseph Babineau, son of Guillaume Babineau, married Marie Louise Martel, daughter of Pierre Martel, witnesses Raymond Samson and Albert Samson

February 20, 1917: Constant P. Terrio, son of Constant Terrio, married Marie S. Richard, daughter of Jeffry Richard, witnesses Alcide Marchand and Eva Richard

June 12, 1917: Hector Joseph Poltuir, son of Sylvain Poltuir, married Marie H. Monbourquette, daughter of Fred Monbourquette, witnesses Louis Ceretto and Eugène Terrio

September 24, 1917: Walter Boudreau, son of Félix Boudreau, married Marie Eugénie Samson, daughter of Jean Samson, witnesses Charles Samson and Edouard Samson

November19, 1917: Willie Marchand, son of Daniel Marchand, married Évangéline Boudreau, daughter of Simon Boudreau, witnesses James Samson and Marie B. Samson

November 26, 1917: Arthur Jouffret, son of Pierre Jouffret (Jeffrey), married Arthemise Marchand, daughter of Jeffry Marchand, witnesses Alex. Marchand and Lida Marchand

January 28, 1918: Paul Coste, son of Jean Coste, married Évangeline Alain, daughter of Jeffry Alain, witnesses Ed Landry and Clara Marchand

January 28, 1918: François Coste, son of François Coste, married Marie Flora Gaudet, daughter of Agapit Gaudet, witnesses Elie Gaudet and Eléonore Boucher

February 4, 1918: Gentil LeBlanc, son of André LeBlanc, married Alvina Boudreau, daughter of Marin Boudreau, witnesses Alex Boudreau and ? Richard

February 4, 1918: Jeffry LeBlanc, son of Chas LeBlanc, married Clara Marchand, daughter of Abram Marchand, witnesses Paul LeBlanc and ? Thibeau

February 6, 1918: Joseph W. Petitpas, son of Constant Petitpas, married Marguerite Boucher, daughter of Augustin Boucher, witnesses Vincent Poirier and Marie Bonin

July 26, 1918: Thomas Luce, son of Daniel Luce, married Elizabeth Terrio, daughter of Abraham Terrio, witnesses Emma Luce and Jonas Stone

July 28, 1918: Michael McGrath, son of Patrick McGrath, married Mary Elliet Edwards, daughter of Juo. Edwards, witnesses Rev. J.J. McGrath and Rev. E.U. McGrath

August 12, 1918: Jeffry Briand, son of Fred Briand, married Clara Coste, daughter of Jeffry Coste

January 27, 1919: Ernest Patient Bonin, son of Jules Bonin, married Elizabeth Fougère, daughter of Edouard Fougère, witnesses Raymond Cordeau and Marthe Fougère

February10, 1919: Joseph Fougère, son of André Fougère, married Carita LeBlanc, daughter of Remi LeBlanc, witnesses Paul LeBlanc and Isaie Fougère

February 25, 1919: Raymond Landry, son of Leoni Landry, married Beatrice Boudreau, daughter of Marin Boudreau, witnesses Charles Landry and Virginie Boudreau

April 28, 1919: Casimir Vigneau, son of Sébastien Vigneau, married Mary Doran, daughter of Juo. Doran, witnesses Samuel Vigneau and May Luce

October 13, 1919: Georges Edouard Alex Fraser, son of Daniel Fraser, married Marie May Boudreau, daughter of Honoré Boudreau, witnesses William Boudreau and Bertha Boudreau