Arichat’s historic main street

Continuing east past the old municipal building and on the same side of the road were the properties of son and father Raymond and Charlie LeBlanc.

Raymond (who died in 1972) followed his father to sea and was married to Blanche Hureau (who died in 1980) in 1939. They had two children, Carroll and Medrick. The house, built by Tom Shaw and his brother Ivan, was subsequently bought by Leo Marchand and Lillie Vigneau (parents of Marcel, Claudette, and Laurie) in 1959, then by Vaughn and Georgette Samson in 1993, and finally by Bruce and Murielle Joshua.

Unlike his son’s relatively new home, Captain Charlie LeBlanc’s big, old place bordered the rough, dirt road. In 1893 Charlie married Bridgette LeBlanc, and they had three children: Raymond, Evangeline and Mary Rose. Bridgette was 92 when she died in 1960, while Charlie lived to be 95 and died in 1959. The home became the property of Maurice Barnes and continues in his family.

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Continuing east on the north side of the road is the home of Charlie Latimer (1861-1949) and his wife Lea Smith who died in 1958 at the age of 91. The house was in the possession of Monier Chediac when it was destroyed by fire in 1966. At the time, it was being used as a retail furniture outlet.

Between the Latimers and the Malzards homes, there was barely enough room to walk. Charlie Malzard (1890-1959) married Sylvania Wilson who died in 1973 at the age of 85. There were three children: Elsie (McTee) (born in 1917), Helen (Cox) (who died in 1985 at the age of 61), and Jean (Wright) (born in 1919).

The house was a long, rectangular, two-storey structure so large, in fact, that it was purchased by brothers Ty and Ernest Marchand and converted into a restaurant/hotel called the Marbro. It burnt in 1966 along with the Latimer home. A new motel and dining room was built on the site. Over the years, it has undergone many changes including uses as a day care centre, offices for Telile community television, and finally an apartment complex.

Next door was the home of Captain Alec Boudreau (who died in 1932 at the age of 69) and he married Delvinia Gagnon (1866-1930) in 1894. There were four children: Irene (born in 1901); Anita (born in 1902); Pierre (born in 1896); and Joseph (born in 1894). This house passed into the hands of Jeffry DeCoste, his wife Anna DeWolfe, and their children, Lennie and Shirley (Britten). Ensuing owners were the Maltbys and the Blanchards.

Following was the homestead of Michael McGrath (who died in 1939 at the age of 57) and Ethel Edwards (who died in 1962 at the age of 65) who were married in 1918. This house was purchased from Constant Terrio and witnessed the birth of 14 children: John; Edith; Clara; Patricia; Naomi; Myra; Bernadette; Margaret; Irene; Mort; Douglas; Clythie; Cora; and Mary Ethel. Mort, who married Mary Keating, later stayed in the house.

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Don Boudrot is a retired English teacher, currently an author and historian living on Isle Madame.