Our ramble through Arichat in 1935 brings us to the main street – more commonly known as the “Low Road” or Veterans’ Memorial Drive today. We stroll east past the American House Hotel and the homes of Alfred Gagnon and Thomas Lavache (across from Nancy Britten’s today).

Sometime pre-1930, Paulie (Napoleon) Boudreau hauled a small cottage down the field to rest close to the road. John P. Burke, municipal clerk, married to Melita Babin, lived here for a while. John Stone and his family occupied it during the war. John’s wife was Mary Louise David. Her sister was married to John Baptiste DeCoste (son of Hector) of Barrachois, and they became the succeeding owners. The children were Anthony, Father Junior, Delia (Paul Martell), Claire, and Annette (Mayo). The diminutive home has not changed, appreciably, in appearance since the 30’s.

On the ensuing lot was the home of Charles Boudrot, which fell victim to fire in 1924. In later years, (Little) Tommy Boudreau (whose wife Lorraine Boudreau died in 2004 at age 79) from Cap Auguet had Arthur Hureau move a house from the upper road to a lot behind the McGrath’s. That home belonged to Melville Edwards. Little Tommy died in 1994.


Next door was the home of Tom Gagnon (1855-1927) and his wife Seraphine Fougere (1859-1929) and their children: Thomas, 1887; Evangeline, 1891; Leon, 1888; and Raymond, 1893. E.C. Doyle was married to Evangeline and they assumed ownership. Later on, their son Paul took it over. Over the years the Powers lived there, as well as Morgan Tapper, and Felix Sampson. The home now belongs to Danick Clavel.

The neighbours were Arthur Goyetche and Emily DeCoste (1873-1954) who were married in 1908. Their children were Joseph Alexander and Clarence who were twins born in 1909; Arthur, 1910; Adelard, 1912; Louise, 1913; Raymond, 1919; Godfrey (who died in 1996, age 86); and Ida, 1915. Ida married Raymond Stone in 1936. Previously this house belonged to Sheriff Dave Power. After the Goyetches there were numerous families such as that of Levi Harris, Sam Rideout, and Rai Malik who lived there. This house no longer stands.

From here to Godfrey’s Lane was a large open area known as Cutler’s Field. Time saw this large pasture become residential. Aloysius Boudreau, born in 1919, the son of old Davey Boudreau and Philomena Allen, built a cottage on the lot adjacent to the Goyetches. This was probably around 1947 since in that year Aloysius married Pauline Goyetche (born 1927) who was the daughter of George Goyetche and Florence Burke. On this lot today stands a home belonging to Leonard “Junior” Boudreau.

In 1941, Colin Paon married Louise Boudreau of Petit de Grat and they had four children: Janet, 1944; Pauline, 1942; James, 1945; and Judy 1951. They lived in their bungalow, which housed Mr. Paon’s barbershop on the ground level. After the war, the house was sold to Joe Goyetche and the Paons built a new home on the high road. Dr. Herbin, in his semi-retirement, succeeded Joe Goyetche. The good doctor practiced a little medicine, assiduously collected coins, and studied the history of the village. Mr. and Mrs. Gus LeBlanc’s daughter, Nancy, now occupies this home.