Pictured is the former G.J. LeBlanc general store in Arichat.

On Arichat’s main street in 1935 was a lane most people referred to as “Godfrey’s Lane” due to the fact that the the LeBlanc home and the G.J. LeBlanc general store were located at the bottom of the lane as we continue our journey eastward.

The store of Jeffrey LeBlanc (1844-1915) had once served as a house and tavern. Jeffrey was married in 1880 to Marie Gerroir (1857-1925) and besides Godfrey (1882- 1956), they had Victor, 1886; Benny, 1887, drowned on a voyage to Canso (his daughter Eva married Eddie Edwards); Bertha, 1892; Stella, 1893; Pierre Daniel, 1894; and Victoria, 1897.

Godfrey succeeded his father at the store; he married Naomi Landry (1885-1956) in 1909 and there were three children: Omer, 1917-1973; Agathe 1915-1993 and the oldest, Ulysse, who married Stella Cordeau and took over from his father as proprietor.

It was Ulysse who undertook a major expansion in the business resulting in a new, larger building located across the street from the old store, and was a combination groceteria/hardware store also containing, at one time or another, furniture and sports equipment. In addition there was an Imperial Oil service station, and a lumberyard.

In turn, Guy, Godfrey and Stella’s only child, became the fourth generation LeBlanc to operate the business. Guy married Marilyn Binet and they had four children: Ricky, Nikki, Randy, and Chris who succeeded to store manager.

The LeBlanc home was an imposing house which had been, in a previous life, the Globe Hotel and later the family home of Jeffrey LeBlanc, Godfrey’s father. It passed into the hands of Ulysse, Godfrey’s son and Guy, Ulysse’s son. It was under Guy’s watch that the venerable mansion was demolished to make way for commercial expansion, another classic old home lost to posterity.

Continuing east on the north side was the home of Louise LaBall who kept a tiny store there. Godfrey LeBlanc eventually bought and demolished it. At one time, this old place was owned by a man named Cesale, an Italian who had come to Arichat with Baptiste Ceretto.

Later, it was purchased by Louis LaBall and his wife Adele Hebert. They were married in 1861. There were three children: Mary Rose, 1876-1897; Peter, 1869-1893; and Louise. Louis died in 1900 at the age of 63; Adele died in 1907 at the age of 71. There is some disagreement regarding the spelling of the surname; it has variously been written LaBall, LeBall, and LaBoil.

The following property was that of Albert Boucher who was married in 1901 to Minnie Boudreau. The children were: Juliette (1903-1920); Raymond (1904-1904); Bernadette (1913-2004); Cornelius (1917); Bernice (1908-2000); Marguerite (1908); Alexander (1911-1982); Simon (1915); Estelle (1921); and Kathleen (1909). Albert died in 1943 at the age of 68, and Minnie in 1985 at 104 years old. Having passed to Bernice then Corn, the old property now belongs to Gerald David.

Next door was the home of Daniel C. Boudrot. The house had belonged to Daniel’s father, Charles Boudrot. In 1900, Daniel married Katherine (Katie) Barrett and they had 10 children: James (Jimmy), 1900-1986; Steven, 1901; Jake, 1902-1985; Leo, 1909; Lillian, 1911-2004; Charlie 1905-1953; Edna, 1913-1999; Joe, 1916-2000; Freeman, 1907-1911; and Lorenzo, 1923-2017. Daniel died in 1954 and Katherine in 1963 at age 85.

Joe inherited the old homestead and Leo and his family lived in it for a while too before it was demolished. The property now belongs to Joe’s son Vern.