A number of folks came out for a reading of Duncan MacMaster’s crime novel, A Mint Condition Corpse.

PORT HAWKESBURY: A local author gave fans a taste of his latest work last week.

Duncan MacMaster offered a reading of his book, A Mint Condition Corpse, at the Port Hawkesbury Library on December 7.

A Mint Condition Corpse is a crime novel set at a comic book convention, with MacMaster’s graphic novelist lead character uncovering scams, schemes, and various plots.

Duncan MacMaster was at the Port Hawkesbury Library on December 7 to sell and sign copies of his new book, A Mint Conditions Corpse.

“[Comic book conventions] have become huge,” he said. “I went to a few in the ‘90s and they were small and just starting to catch on. Now, you get 150,000-200,000 at some events. Studios are throwing millions of dollars at them. I thought it was the perfect setting for this kind of whodunit.”

The novel came out as an e-book back in May before the soft cover release. The New Waterford-born and Port Hawkesbury raised author self-published a few things but calls A Mint Condition Corpse his professional debut with a publisher.

“We found each other on Twitter, of all places,” he said of Fahrenheit Press owner Chris McVeigh.
“He said I could pitch him on Twitter so I pitched him this. I e-mailed it to him, and about a week later, he sent an e-mail back and said ‘I’m halfway through your book, do you have any plans for a sequel.’ I took that as a good sign.”

MacMaster is indeed working on a sequel, noting he received a number or five-star reviews on Amazon in England and the US.

“They really want to see more of [lead character Kirby Baxter] and his friends,” he said, noting he is about 80 per cent finished his first draft of the sequel.
“I’m hoping to develop it into a series.”

Duncan MacMaster also offered a reading from his new book which is his first professional work from a publisher.

A separate book MacMaster wrote for Fahrenheit Press is set to come out in early 2017.