Authors host book readings in Port Hawkesbury

PORT HAWKESBURY: Authors Silver Donald Cameron and Marjorie Simmins have returned from a cross-country tour promoting their latest projects, and the husband and wife will appear at the Port Hawkesbury Library Wednesday (October 25) to read from their most recent books.

The couple currently divides their time between Nova Scotia and British Columbia, but Cameron has made a home in D’Escousse since 1971. Cameron has over 18 books to his name, as well as films, magazine articles, and other works. Over the years, he has developed a particular interest in environmental issues. On Wednesday, he will read from his book, Warrior Lawyers, which is part of a larger project promoting environmental rights in Canada.

“I was a columnist for 13 years and… I kept running across stories and people that I thought were doing really positive things for the environment,” said Cameron, who began compiling interviews with environmental activists to create the Green Interview Project.

An interview with Canadian environmental lawyer David Boyd led Cameron to become interested in the issue of “green rights” which guarantee the right of all people to a healthy environment under the law.

“There are fewer than a dozen countries that don’t recognize environmental rights, and Canada is one of them,” said Cameron.

“We wanted to explain what people were missing by not having those rights… and that led to the Green Rights project, which now consists of three films, 33 interviews, and the book.”

Warrior Lawyers was compiled to accompany Cameron’s film, Green Rights: The Human Right to a Healthy World. It includes interviews with the lawyers involved with landmark cases around the world, including Antonio Oposa Jr. of the Philippines, who helped established the environmental rights of future generations in what became known as the “Oposa Doctrine.” Cameron will also read from his memoir, Sailing Away from Winter, which chronicles a sailing trip he took with his wife from D’Escousse to the Bahamas in the winter of 2004–2005.

Pictured is the novel Year of the Horse, from which author Marjorie Simmins will be reading October 25 at the Port Hawkesbury Library. Simmins will also be reading from her memoir Coastal Lives.

Marjorie Simmins is an author, journalist, speaker and teacher. She conducts seminars on writing throughout the year. She will read excerpts from her memoir, Coastal Lives, as well as her latest book, The Year of the Horse.

“The story is about my lifetime with horses on the two coasts and is of particular interest to people in this region. Most of the story takes place in Cape Breton and also down in Mount Uniacke,” said Simmons, who wrote the book as she was recovering from a serious horseback riding injury.

“I was either going to carry on with horses one way or another, or that door was going to close permanently for the rest of my life.”

With support from family and friends, Simmins made the decision to return to riding in 2014, which ultimately helped in her recovery.

“It was a bit odd that the thing that had hurt me so much physically was the thing that did bring me back,” said Simmins, who said that the process of putting her story into words was also therapeutic.

“We’re talking about various sorts of healing. I was healing physically, and I was healing mentally, and emotionally.”

The joint reading and book signing will take place at the Port Hawkesbury Library on Wednesday, October 25 from 1–3 p.m. More information on the authors can be found on their Web sites: and, or on Facebook.