Best and worst of 2016

Stranger Things

Here we are with my best and worst of list for the year.

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Movie of the year: Deadpool. I don’t know if I could like this movie more. It was full of naughty, violent goodness. It was pretty much a Deadpool comic come-to-life.

Ryan Reynolds redeemed… well not himself because it wasn’t his fault the Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine was entirely inaccurate… I guess he redeemed the character and the idea such a character would elicit interest from an audience. And what an audience. It became the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time when unadjusted for inflation, the highest-grossing X-Men film, and pulled in $782.6 million with a $56 million budget.

My most disliked movie of the year: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’ll put both Batman The Movie starring Adam West and Superman 4 The Quest for Peace ahead of this toilet fire.

I am not sure what people were supposed to enjoy about this “movie.” Was it the poor acting, the flat tone, the dumb as dirt plot, or the aimless direction? I wanted this movie to be good. The Dark Knight Returns was an excellent book and I was hoping at least the spirit of the book would survive being turned into a blockbuster. Nope. It was just bad.

Television show of the year: Stranger Things. It’s difficult to call Stranger Things a proper television show, seeing as it’s not really on television in the traditional sense and there were only eight episodes. Yet, here we are. When Stephen King gives you the thumbs-up for writing a horror show set in the 80s, it is safe to assume you hit the right notes. I was late to the game on this one. I’m not a horror fan and tend to shy away from Netflix’s non-marvel hits, such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, which I dumped midway through the third season.

This one changed my mind. Surprising, engaging, and the kids were beyond great. I give it several thumbs up.

Honourable mention: Luke Cage. Did not think I would like this one as much as I did. We’ve all seen the strong invulnerable hero before. This show involved a character with actual character. It was refreshing. Plus the music was good and served as more than just background.

Most disliked television show of the year: Kevin Can Wait. Kevin James made his way back to television and fell back to his trademark fat-guy-with-hot-wife routine. When not engaging with his rambunctious kids, he has his wacky friends to deal with, which you know is going to be hilarious.

I kid of course. I watched one episode and felt like an alien watching apes communicate with each other through intricate grunts and waste flinging. Hoping this one won’t come back next year.

Dishonorable mention: I wanted much more than I got from Daredevil. If you want to know what I mean, please watch the first scene and tell me it isn’t ridiculous. Go ahead… there. See? It was bad guys in facemasks running down a street carrying metal briefcases and guns. That’s how robberies go in real life, right? Come on. I get that you had to start off with some action but at make it something that will draw me in, not turn me off.

Next week, I’ll feature my best and worst moments of the year.

I’m done now.