It’s time for my best of column to end the year. Let’s just dive right in.

My favourite movie of the year, so far, was Thor: Ragnarok. I mentioned this before but it is currently my favourite Marvel movie. I will speak no more of this film until I watch it again, I promise, but there is no reason to miss it. It’s pure fun and the light tone is precisely what was needed for Thor, who, in my opinion, is the least interesting of the Avengers. I mean… he’s a god so there really can’t be any drama there but if you use him as the vehicle for a comedy, that’s entertaining.

In second place comes Spiderman: Homecoming. To me, it’s the only movie to capture what I felt was the spirit of Spiderman. Spiderman is a nerd with a sense of humour and I felt the story the writers told and the way Tom Holland portrayed the character were spot on. Again, it was a fun movie and it came off like a love letter to fans, new and old.

I would say the most disappointing movie was Justice League but I went in expecting to be disappointed and I was right so I suppose that makes it less disappointing overall. Still though, it could have been so much more.

As far as television goes, I have to give it up once again for Brooklyn 99. I am not sure how they manage to maintain the quality of this show but I am never let down. There are always solid laughs and it’s just serious enough to remain interesting. Well done. Also, The Orville. Who knew Seth MacFarlane could make a thoughtful show? Give it a hook, even if you don’t dig Sci-fi. You might be surprised.

On the other end of the spectrum is Scorpion. This show is so formulaic it manages to make geniuses saving the world/city/neighbourhood/themselves tedious. I really enjoyed the first few seasons. Now they are just doing the same thing over and over. It’s frustrating. There are a lot of places this show can go but the writers seem happy enough to let the show idle.

I haven’t kept up with podcasts, or at least not as much as I did last year but Joe Rogan’s continues to be interesting. It might be because he has no theme and can therefore talk to whomever he likes and he certainly does. The last few shows featured a county musician, an orthopedic surgeon who is also a world record holding weightlifter, a comedian, a psychologist (two different people on the same show), a game programmer, and an MMA fighter. If you can’t look at that list and find something that interests you, perhaps you just don’t like things.

As far as YouTube channels go, I subscribe to two. “Hot Ones” is funny, if for no other reason than you get to watch people eat ridiculously hot food and then see the squirm. “Cinema Wins” is just plain great. The producer is a guy who just loves movies and goes into some depth as to why. He’s changed my mind on a couple of films and even when I am still convinced what I watched is terrible, I am able to see his point of view and not just dismiss it as overly optimistic nonsense.

In closing, this will be my last column until the New Year. Please be safe over the holidays folks and treat your loved ones the way they deserve. Give all the hugs you can… except to me because I don’t like people touching me. Seriously, I train how to stop people from doing things like hugging me and I can make you feel just as uncomfortable, if not more so. Keep your yuletide hands to yourselves, please and thank you.

I’m done now.