Boucher returned as warden, McCarron voted deputy warden

ANTIGONISH: Municipal council has been finalized.
Council for the Municipality of the County of Antigonish held a swearing-in ceremony prior to its council meeting on October 25.
District 1’s Mary MacLellan, district 2’s Donnie MacDonald, district 3’s Hughie Stewart, district 4’Vaughn Chisholm, district 5’s Remi Deveau, district 6’s Owen McCarron, district 7’s John Dunbar, district 8’s Gary Mattie, district 9’s Russell Boucher, and district 10’s Bill MacFarlane all pledged to represent the county to the best of their abilities.
Boucher was also elected as the warden for the county, with McCarron serving as deputy warden.
“I’m very happy to see they have confidence in me to put me back in for another term,” said Boucher, who also congratulated McCarron on his appointment.
“Hopefully we’ll get all the things done that we try to accomplish in the run of the four years. With the cooperation of council, that can happen.”
When asked about goals for the next years, Boucher mentioned water and sewer improvements among others. He also said the county wants to resume and improve upon its working relationship with the Town of Antigonish.
“We’re always looking to be able to continue forward with our cooperation with the town and hopefully that will continue to happen,” said Boucher.
“There’s a new mayor and we’ll have to sit down and chat about the circumstances between the two municipal units and to see if we can’t take it one step further and do more things together.”
Boucher added the town and county are looking at ways to meet.