Boxing brainstorming session tomorrow night

The YMCA is looking to put its new boxing equipment to good use.

PORT HAWKESBURY: Anyone interested in offering their thoughts on having a boxing program at the Port Hawkesbury YMCA is welcome to visit the local fitness centre for a bit of brainstorming on Thursday night, March 9.

“I want people to come out and tell us what they want this program to look like. Who’s interested? Who’s able to volunteer, mentor, and teach class? We’ll see what we have to go forward with,” said Patti MacDonald-David, branch manager of the local YMCA.

“Do they want to be able to do a boot camp class or maybe come in and do their own thing?”

MacDonald-Davis said people seem to be excited about the general idea of a boxing program, but the challenge now is to see what exact shape the program ought to take. The meeting is set for 6 p.m. and everyone is welcome.

Irrespective of how the program develops, the Port Hawkesbury YMCA will be well-equipped to accommodate boxing. MacDonald-David has a nice compliment of boxing equipment ready to use right now, and additionally equipment – including heavy bags — is en route.

“Somebody in the gym mentioned it, and someone else said that would be nice,” she said. “People started talking about it, and we had a little bit of money left from a grant we could use, so I though why not use it for something like this? And once I put it online, the phone started ringing. People were messaging, coming in, saying sign me up, sign my kids up.”

Port Hawkesbury has a history of boxing, with the Rock-a-Bye Ross Club and various athletes training in the local area. Indeed, MacDonald-David has a family connection to the sweet science as her father-in-law, Baalchand David, competed in the 1960s and was a welter weight champion in South Africa.