Outgoing Antigonish Mayor Carl Chisholm has confirmed that the Braemore Bridge is open.

ANTIGONISH: A local bridge is once again open to traffic.
On October 20, Antigonish Town Council reopened the Braemore Bridge to traffic.
Council awarded Nova Construction with the $1.345 million contract to replace the span back in June. At the time, Chisholm said the contract was a bit higher than what the town budgeted for but “the bridge had to be replaced,” noting the bridge could only accept vehicles under eight tonnes.
“That didn’t allow for our own salt trucks or school buses to go across,” Chisholm said previously. “The bridge was in deplorable condition. It had to be done.”
The construction caused traffic closures between Archie Street and the New Heights along Braemore Avenue.
On October 24, Chisholm said there is still some work left such as removing the temporary sidewalks used during the construction and the removal of some abutments.
“For all intents and purposes, the bridge is open,” said Chisholm. “It’s a viable passage now through our town. I think people realized how valuable Braemore Avenue was to us and how much traffic really did go across it in the run of a day when we closed it down.”
There were issues with traffic backing up on Hawthorne Street, usually between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. during the week. The delays led to council asking the by-law enforcement officers and the RCMP to be there on a day-to-day basis to wave traffic through.
“We’re happy to have the bridge open, it’s a beautiful looking structure and I’m glad I can say, before I left office, that it’s completed,” Chisholm added.