BREAKING: Lundrigan pleads guilty to role in fatal collision

PORT HAWKESBURY: A man facing charges relating to a fatal motor vehicle collision pleaded guilty last week.

Scott Lundrigan was set to appear in Port Hawkesbury Supreme Court on April 21 to set trial dates on four charges relating to a fatal motor vehicle collision in 2015. Instead, Lundrigan pleaded guilty to one count of impaired driving causing death and one count of impaired driving causing bodily harm.

He is set to return to Port Hawkesbury Supreme Court for sentencing on September 7. The court imposed a three year driving prohibition on Lundrigan, which started on April 21.

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Crown Attorney Thomas Kayter said the plea comes after negotiations with the defense.

“The Crown is grateful that we’ve been able to avoid a trial in this case with the guilty plea,” said Kayter. “Not only is the Crown grateful to have a guilty plea and avoid the trial, I believe many members of this case, a very tragic case, are grateful that we’ve been able to avoid a trial.”

When asked about possible sentencing options, Kayter said there will be a joint recommendation on sentencing.

“It will be a federal sentence,” he said. “It will be followed by a term of probation.”

Kayter said the Crown and the defense were able to examine nearly all of the evidence during the preliminary inquiry.

This cross was erected at the spot where James Poirier lost his young life.

Lundrigan was charged in relation to an incident on October 23, 2015, when a truck driven by Lundrigan went off the road and struck a telephone pole in the Fox Lane area of Route 19.

James Poirier died in the crash, and a second 19-year-old was taken to hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Lundrigan originally faced six charges, but two of them were discharged during the preliminary inquiry. Kayter said the two remaining charges will be withdrawn following sentencing on the two charges to which he pled guilty.