After clawing his way to a 71-vote victory over PC challenger Rob Wolf in the riding of Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie, Liberal incumbent Lloyd Hines celebrated his second consecutive provincial election win with his daughter Victoria (left) and his wife Patricia at the family home in Guysborough.

HALIFAX: The 71-vote win by Liberal candidate Lloyd Hines on May 30 was confirmed in a recount which took place late last week.

A judicial recount of the ballots in the electoral district of Guysborough–Eastern Shore–Tracadie was conducted last Friday in Halifax under the supervision of Associate Chief Justice Deborah K. Smith of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.

The amended official results are 2,565 votes for Hines; 2,494 votes for Progressive Conservative candidate Rob Wolf; and an increase of one vote for the candidate for the NDP, Marney Simmons, whose new total is 894 votes.

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Associate Chief Justice Smith certified the Statement of Poll summaries for the recount and declared Hines to be re-elected.