POINT TUPPER: A local gypsum plant is increasing production and adding more shifts.

The head of Acadia Drywall, parent company to Cabot Gypsum, said the facility is currently looking for millwrights.

“We’ve put postings out in Halifax and other areas…,” said Acadia Drywall owner Marcel Girouard. “We’d like to fill a few positions.”

Girouard said potential millwrights can contact him with a resume via e-mail at: marcelgirouard@acadiadrywall.com.

Interested millwrights can contact the company via e-mail at: marcelgirouard@acadiadrywall.com.

In January, 2011, Acadia Drywall began operating the former Federal Gypsum plant. The deal came after Nova Scotia Business Inc. issued a request for proposals from businesses interested in operating at the former wallboard production site in Point Tupper which supplies gypsum products to customers in Canada and the United States.

The Point Tupper plant, which opened in 2010, is Acadia Drywall’s only manufacturing facility.

At the time of purchase, Acadia Drywall had been buying the products it distributed from U.S. manufacturers, but the acquisition of the Cape Breton plant saw Acadia Drywall buying from Cabot Gypsum, instead.

The 200,000 square foot facility in Richmond County uses natural gypsum from local quarries and gypsum recycling facilities to create the current product mix of regular and fire rated products, mold and moisture resistant products, abuse resistant products, vinyl ceiling tiles, and exterior sheathing products. The company claims no synthetic gypsum is used in their products, which are sold to a broad spectrum of clients in the construction industry.

Although he confirmed that Cabot Gypsum increased production, Girouard wasn’t able to say by how much.