PORT HAWKESBURY: A major overhaul of the town’s most-travelled roadway is now in the hands of the provincial Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (DTIR), and Port Hawkesbury’s new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is hoping these efforts will move the project to the next stage over the coming weeks.

During last week’s meeting of Port Hawkesbury Town Council’s Committee-of-the-Whole, CAO Terry Doyle provided an update on the latest stages of the Destination Reeves Street initiative. These include a “very early ballpark estimate” of $4.5 million for a number of upgrades, including road realignment, branding, signage, and a more pronounced connection between Reeves Street and the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) Strait Area Campus.

“One of the big connections that we want to make from Reeves Street is to the community college, to give these people easy access to our town,” Doyle told the meeting at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre’s Shannon Studio.

“Where we’re going is that there’s a very early ballpark estimate of $4.5 million on this project. Right now, we’re still in the concept-development process, and we are now waiting for the engineers from DTIR to complete their design work for the realignment portions off Reeves Street over to MacQuarrie [Drive].”

Pointing out that the initiative is now in the DTIR’s hands, Doyle was hopeful that the latest stage of the Destination Reeves Street process would result in formal updates from the department to town council and provincial decision-makers over the weeks to come.

“We do want to move onto the next stage over the next month, and we’re hoping that DTIR will have the work completed at that time and will be able to make presentations to council and then to the powers that be at the province,” Doyle explained.

“Obviously, it’s going to be a large project, so we’re looking at many, many pieces of this… We have people working from ACOA, from the [Strait Area] Chamber [of Commerce], and from our own organization, trying to move this forward. Clearly, it’s going to be quite transformative.”

Pictured is a meeting that was part of the consultation process during planning for the Reeves Street plan.
Pictured is a meeting that was part of the consultation process during planning for the Reeves Street plan.