Cap gasoline and diesel prices

In the Province of Nova Scotia, fuel prices are constantly changing. The prices at the gas pumps are up and down like a yo-yo.

How fuel price changes affect you and your family depends on your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly household income.
I would like to see a policy implemented by our government. Place a price cap on gasoline and diesel fuel at all wholesale distributors before it arrives at the gas pumps, followed by a cap for the consumers at the gas pumps. If so, keep the capped fuel price for a three month period with some changes when necessary.

Why can’t the Province of Nova Scotia control fuel prices at the gas pumps? It is frustrating, stressful and disgusting to always be asking someone every day of the week “how much is the price of a litre of gas or diesel fuel today?” And, “is the price of fuel going down or up today?”

Consumers need a break today with these up and down fuel prices. Capping pricing may not be the answer at this time, but I am certain that someone out there would be able to act on my concerns and help us, the consumers.

I do believe that many more Nova Scotians are fueling up and experiencing the up and down fuel prices at the gas pumps as I am. Nearing the fuel gauge empty mark will always create uncertainty.

Clarence Landry