Friday, October 13, 2017

I sit here still incredulous.Somehow, impossibly, contrary to every prediction I have made over the past 18 months, contrary to almost every poll and survey and projection available, Donald Trump became the newpresident-elect of the United States.I have no...
Here’s the good news: by the time you read this, the presidential election will be over. One can only hope we will have survived the endless cycle of attack ads with our dignity and sanity intact, despite there having...
Among the many things that infuriate me are voters who don’t vote. This election season, which has been dominated by nastiness and theatrics and void of transparency and cooperation in spots, I heard a great many people say they were...
During Hurricane Matthew, I didn’t spend hours glued to my television set or checking my phone for weather updates. When a hurricane gets too close, I don’t default to Defcon 1 mode, but instead exercise what I consider to...
If I had a quarter for every time I’ve been asked to write something about the recent happenings involving Richmond Municipal Council, I would be rich.Everyone seems to think I’m biding my time and sitting on an explosive opinion...
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