Monday, August 21, 2017

It took a minute or two for reality to set in and even though the sentence "Trump is the US president" still sounds in my head like something smashing into panes of glass, it's time to put in some...
It’s been a whole seven or so hours since Hillary Clinton conceded the election to Donald Trump and I am still in shock. Donald Trump, who before this election you would have known as the “You’re Fired guy” from The...
Seeing as how I have never watched an entire baseball game all the way through on television, I might as well do a running Diary of Game 7. Since both teams haven't won the title since at least the 40s...
Seeing as how municipal councils are getting sworn in for a new term, here’s a little advice for the newbies and a bit of a refresher for the reruns. For those questioning my qualifications for offering municipal councillors advice, I...
Who wants a random column? You do. That’s who. My friends and I watching the teaser trailer for the third Wolverine movie dovetailed into a discussion of other superhero properties owned by 20th Century Fox. This naturally led to a...
Q: So, how have things been lately? A: Dude, not this again. Q: What do you mean? A: Whenever you get really desperate for a column you resort to interviewing yourself. It’s tired and ridiculous. Q: How is it tired? This is the...
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