Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A long thin ribbon of sand, gravel and rocks make up part of Cape Breton’s shoreline on the north end of the Strait of Canso. This gravel/rock bar of approximately three kilometres is quite a natural feature that can be...
Our flight takes us down the valley of the South West Margaree River. At Margaree Forks, the North East Margaree River joins in and we turn slightly westward, following the combined Margaree Rivers. We fly over the “Big Intervale” past...
The Cheticamp River originates on the northern plateau of Cape Breton and flows some 25 or so kilometres westward to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Beginning in peat bogs, barrens and small lakes on top of the plateau, it starts...
Pans of ice shunted back and forth through the Strait of Canso. It was the middle of March 1946. We were on our way to the Canadian-American border. We spent that winter living at my grandparents’ place in South West...
Some years ago I started photographing old houses and barns wherever I traveled. After hundreds of photos, I realized that there were many different types, varying in size, shape, materials used, and the culture of the community in which they...
The camera bag is packed, lenses are cleaned, and a couple of extra cameras tell me that I am ready. Cape Breton’s main roads are inviting, but the colours of autumn and the first light snowfalls are telling me to...
Our flight took us over the Strait of Canso, over Lennox Passage, and many of the islands that lay adjacent to Janvrin’s Island and Arichat. A quick glance reveals an abundance of gravel and sand that make up the shores...
Much of the landforms of Cape Breton are made up of hard resistant plateaus such as those of Northern Cape Breton. The edges are steep and drop abruptly to the sea or to deep river valleys and ravines. Many of...
The autumn colour season is just about over. We were all expecting that the colours might be not as good as other years because of the dry summer season, but in places, they are as brilliant as ever. Now it...
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