Thursday, October 12, 2017

People in rural Nova Scotia continue to express frustration with the speed of their Internet connection.  What is the broadband industry and government doing to fix this?A recent announcement by Eastlink holds promise for Inverness County, provided you live...
I have never advocated that people who routinely feed low doses of antibiotics to livestock should be executed without trial. That would be too harsh, too irrevocable. There should be fair trials, and fines for a first offence, and...
I wasn’t expecting to find anything compelling in the latest craze to sweep the Internet, the “Three Fictional Characters” meme that encourages Twitter and Facebook participants to post images of the three imaginary icons that best represent themselves.When it...
I could have written any number of things on my Facebook status today, but I wrote about how I must be in a need of a few days off from work, since I accidentally “dialed ‘9’ to get out”...
Richmond County Canada, district number 41, Richmond, sub-district number 6. Taken By Daniel Sampson, April 6, 1891. Text transcribed and contributed by Jeanne D. Belford.This transcription should be of particular interest to those with Bonin, Boucher, Boudrot, Burke, Cordeau,...

Sea stories

Green Island was witness to incidents at sea.After arriving on the island in 1871, William Duann remained on the island until 1902, a period of 31 years. It was during his stewardship that a number of highly dramatic events took...

Old mill sites

Many small brooks throughout Cape Breton have waterfalls and some energy potential. Grist mills, sawmills, shingle mills, and woolen (carding) mills were built harnessing the power of the tumbling mountain streams. Some were large operations with several mills attached...
In response to your Letter to the Editor in the September 14 edition of The Reporter, I agree 100 per cent about a cure for cancer.I think there is too much money made, and donated to cancer research, as...
I want to write something polite and respectful to the town council of Port Hawkesbury.I want to write about how despite some bad proposals, the town really has been trying. I can’t. The town has been in rapid decline....
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