Wednesday, November 22, 2017

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Lord Almighty, I thank You for always being present to hear my prayers and problems, whether they may be the heaviest burdens or merely the day-to-day issues...

Country Nation

Moments before George Canyon took the stage on the third Friday evening in November, I took my seat at the far left of the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre’s Bear Head Conference Room, just outside the kitchen area. I came perilously...
I’m winding down my tenth year of providing municipal council reports for CBC Cape Breton’s Information Morning, and I may have hit a first – amazing the host. Sitting in for Steve Sutherland last week, Information Morning news anchor Yvonne...
A disclaimer: I have never read Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series, nor have I seen the Charlottetown festival’s long-running musical version. Now that some of you have already begun the arrangements for my deportation from Canada (or...
I’m writing this column three days after an event that I had been fortunate enough to postpone for most of my life, but hoped I would be able to put off for just a few more years.  Cathy and I...
By the time you read this, somebody else may be sitting in this chair and putting together stories at this computer. Last week, I told you why I’m leaving The Reporter in a column imaginatively titled “Why I’m leaving.” This...
It may have been the final day of Celtic Colours 2017, but on the second Saturday afternoon in October, it felt like the music was just getting started. We gathered at the Evergreen Seniors Club in Port Hawkesbury for one...
By the time you read this, the 2017 Celtic Colours International Festival will be in the books, and I will have - hopefully - recovered from one of my busiest-ever experiences with this 10-night extravaganza. A lot has changed since...

My notebooks

This week, if you can bear with me, I’m talking about some of the notebooks I have on my desk here at the newspaper office. Even in the digital age, having a fresh supply of paper to scrawl down details...
Even as it became all too clear that we were going to have a provincial election this spring, I wasn’t prepared for this campaign to have such a record-setting nature. No, I’m not talking about the shortness of the campaign,...
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