PORT HAWKESBURY: Learning from the best in Canada is an opportunity 45 members of Strait Area Soccer took advantage of last Friday afternoon as CBU Men’s Soccer coach Deeno Morley visited the Port Hawkesbury field with the national champion Capers.

“We’re very proud to represent this beautiful island, and we’re very passionate about growing the game of soccer on the island,” said Morley, chatting to The Reporter just before the seminar began.

“We like representing our university and make sure the rest of Cape Breton feels a part of it.”

The Capers, who beat the Montreal Carabins last November in a 3-2 overtime final to secure the U SPORTS national championship, also visited Mabou last Sunday.

“You want to inspire and build belief in kids that there is an opportunity here,” he said. “There are so many volunteers and community champions doing so much. I just want to help them out a little.”

Morley said it’s great to visit communities all over the island. Everyone gives the team great feedback on their run at nationals, he said, noting the team has a good chance of being very competitive once again.

“The lads are proud to wear Cape Breton Island on their chests,” he said.

Also speaking with The Reporter was Jesse MacIntyre, a Caper who was born and raised in River Ryan. He said he and the team are still flying high over their 2017 success, and he added that helping teach the sport to youth is a pleasure.

“We’re a group from all over the world, a very diverse group, and to come together on such a small island where soccer sometimes takes a backseat is great,” he said. “We’re always happy to come out to communities like this.”