The van Zutphen family moved to Inverness County in the early 1950s. Like most of the Dutch immigrants of the time, the whole family worked extremely hard to create a life in a new land.

In 1964, two of the sons, John and Ted van Zutphen, purchased a TD9 dozer and started digging and they’ve been digging ever since. Before long the brothers expanded their business into many areas of construction and created a successful company that employed hundreds of people in the Strait area. The third generation of the family continues to operate a number of successful businesses and farms in the area and have contributed to Nova Scotia in so many ways.

NSCC Strait Area Campus is pleased to honour John and Ted van Zutphen as Community Innovators. Their story, and the impact their families have had on the Strait area, is a wonderful example of the positive impact of immigration in Nova Scotia.

As part of the NSCC Open House on October 18, the Strait Area Campus will host an event called “Welcoming Newcomers” from 6–8 p.m. We are excited to celebrate and welcome newcomers to the area. We are encouraging new Canadians, refugees and new immigrants to join us for a relaxed evening of food, friendship and fun. Danny Graham from Engage Nova Scotia will join us as well.

If you are a not a newcomer to the area please join us to meet new people and extend a good, warm welcome to our area.

Tom Gunn
principal, Strait Area Campus
Port Hawkesbury