Chainsaw carving demo returns to Dundee

DUNDEE: What just might become an annual tradition returns to the Dundee Resort early in the month of July. A chainsaw carving demonstration will be held on the resort’s front lawn.

“Last year, we approached the Dundee Resort to see if they would support a carving demonstration to help bring our local carving community together for a public event,” explained Grant Timmons, father of 14-year-old chainsaw carver Marc Timmons, known in carving circles as SawMarcs.

SawMarcs has been carving since the age of 10 and is an up-and-coming artist in chainsaw sculpting.

“They were open to the idea so we invited two carvers that SawMarcs had previously carved with in New Brunswick: Tracie Dugas from Claire, and Joel Palmer of Browns Flat, New Brunswick.

“The event was very well received last year so we decided to do it again and hope to make it an annual event in the area.”

The event takes place on July 2 and 3.

This year, additional sculptors Liam Tromans (from Vancouver Island) and Matt Langille (from Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia) will come to the demo.

Tromans was born in Cape Breton and has been an artist since childhood.

A professional logger for over 30 years, he began chainsaw carvings at his worksite in 2000 using self-taught technique. He gave up logging in 2016 so he could carve full time.

His respect and love for nature and wildlife can be seen in his detailed carvings.

He has participated in carving competitions and exhibitions across Canada and Europe and has placed in several events. He’s taken first place at Spirit of Wood-Maple Ridge, 2008; the Atlantic Canadian Chainsaw Championship, 2013; Powell River Logger Sports, 2017; the Eibauer International Team Competition in Germany, 2017; Powell River Logger Sports, 2017; and the Gold River-Wood to Wonder Competition, 2018.

When not exhibiting, Tromans can be found carving in his studio at his home in Chemainus, B.C.

Matt Langille is a 30-year-old carver who’s been doing the work for just over two years.

“One day while watching Carver Kings with my girlfriend I told her that I could do that,” he said. “She said to me ‘You can’t carve a bear!’ So the next day I grabbed a chainsaw and a log, and carved a bear. I have been carving ever since.”

Joel Palmer is known as Swamp Bear. Most of his works are carved entirely with a chainsaw, making his pieces one-of-a-kind in every way. He has an eye and ability to create incredible detail with just his saws. Other carving tools are sometimes used to give greater realism and special textures.

In just three years of being in the business, Swamp Bear has won two Atlantic Canada Sculpting Championships and competed with professionals from Atlantic Canada to the Pacific Coast, showcasing his work among the best of the best.

In 2016, Palmer won the People’s Choice award at a prestigious national sculpture competition with artist of varying mediums. In 2017, Swamp Bear had another gold place win in Eibau, Germany with team Stihl Canada.

Tracie Dugas has been carving for over 20 years. She started out carving small Santa’s with chisels when a desire to carve a life size gargoyle prompted her to purchase her first electric chainsaw. She was immediately hooked on chainsaw carving.

Although her chainsaws play the biggest role in her art, she does use other tools such as sanders and grinders to achieve the finished piece.

“It is the most amazing feeling to see something come out of the wood, the feel of the saw in hand and the smell of fresh cut chips,” she said.

Locally, Marc Timmons is a young and progressing chainsaw carver from Port Hawkesbury.

Timmons developed an interest in chainsaws at a young age and purchased his first saw at the age of nine. While vacationing in Campbell River, SawMarcs was exposed to the art of chainsaw carving, at the Transformation on the Shore carving competition.

At 10 years of age, Timmons returned home from Campbell River and asked if he could try carving. He was encouraged to try a mushroom but he insisted that he wanted to make a bear; he completed his bear and entered it in a 4-H competition where he won first place. He hasn’t looked back since.

SawMarcs has four years of experience under his belt, creating many pieces such as bears, eagles, fish, and owls which he has sold, traded and used to assist others in the community.

Timmons works at home in his backyard and when he is not carving he enjoys spending time on his ATV, snowmobile and enjoying the outdoors.