Pictured is Levesconte’s old store in D’Escousse.

January 29, 1906: Henri Boudrot, son of Jeffrey Boudrot and Marie Hebert, Arichat, married Louise Pertus, daughter of Jean Pertus and Adele Benoit, witnesses Alexandre Boudrot and Lybie/Lydie LeBlanc

February 7, 1906: Beni Boudrot, son of Charles Boudrot and the late, Seraphine LeBlanc, married Marie Louise Landry, daughter of Simon Landry and Angele Fougere, witnesses were Leon Fougere and Victoria Fougere

October 30, 1906: Pierre Poirier, widower of Henriette Anne Forgeron, married Alexina Boudrot, daughter of deceased Simon Boudrot and Liza Mombourquette, witnesses were Simon Bonin and Elizabeth Anne McDonald

January 19, 1907: Honore Martell, widower of Melanda Martell ( Melinda ‘Melanie’ Langlois),

married Marie Provost, widow of Aime Boudrot, witnesses were Joseph Langlois and Elizabeth (Samson)

January 19, 1907: Simon Bonin, widower of Seraphine Poirier, married Gertrude McDonald, widow of Siffroy (Siffroi) Josse, witnesses were Honore Josse and Alda Bonin

January 23 1907: Geffrey Marchand, son of the late William Marchand and the late Marie Bourque, married Della Hynes, daughter of Godfrey Hines and Sara Dunn, witnesses were Cornelius Dunn and Brigette Hynes

February 4, 1907: Leon Meunier, son of Elie Meunier and Adele LeBlanc, married Hortense Josse, daughter of Thomas Josse and Adelaide Boudrot, witnesses were Fred Fougere and Anna Boudrot

February 6, 1907: (Alfred) Fredi Poirier, son of Frederick Poirier and Adelina McDonald, married Melanie Poirier, daughter of the late Pascal Poirier and Marie Samson, witnesses were Harry McDonald and Clara Poirier

February 6, 1907: Maxime Poirier, son of Joseph Poirier and Dora Petitpas, married Lina Cavanagh (Kavanaugh), daughter of Daniel Cavanagh (Kavanaugh) and Marguerite Poirier, witnesses were Walter Petitpas and Arthmise Poirier

February 7, 1907: Edmond Ranson, widower of Celine Poirier, married Marie Anne Kiely, widow of Charles J. Doyle, witnesses were Simon Boudrot and Maude Theriault

April 8, 1907: John Curry, son of Daniel Curry and Lyda McDonald of East Bay, married Marguerite Poirier (Petitpas), widow of Theophile Poirier, witnesses were Wilfred Poirier and Annie Gouthro

April 22, 1907: Albert Wilson, son of Robert Wilson and Marie Doyle, married Catherine Hearn, daughter of the late Michael Hearn and the late Marguerite Britten, witnesses were William Cordeau and Lucy Britten

April 25, 1907: William Britten, son of Edward Britten and Marie Kehoe, married Anne Doyle, daughter of Philippe Doyle and Marguerite Luis, witnesses were Cornelius Dunn and Jennie Doyle

November 6, 1907: Pierre Laurent, son of Theophile Laurent (deceased) and Angele Briand, married Marguerite Lestrumel (Destrumelle), daughter of George Lestrumel (Destrumelle) and Melie Bourg (Amelia ‘Emilie’ Burke), witnesses were Isaii Fougere and Josephine Landry

November 13, 1907: Michel Martell (widower of Catherine Poirier), married Marie Angeline Poirier, daughter of Edouard Poirier and Elizabeth Petitpas, witnesses were Simon Josse and Elizabeth Josse

All marriages were officiated by Fr. Gustave Trennant.