Some readers may recall reading my letter from a few years ago and published in newspapers throughout Nova Scotia concerning a ban proposed by the legions in Richmond County and elsewhere across Cape Breton Island, about the removal of headwear (hats, caps), both male and female, while attending and supporting a legion bingo game. The legion’s given reason was to enforce the old rule found inside the legion’s rule book to show respect for all veterans.

I myself was a 35-plus yearly bingo player supporting the legion’s bingo games. Up until the legions changed and enforced the old ruling found inside the legion’s rule book, I was one bingo player who never returned since and never will return until the Royal Canadian Legions reverse their old ruling on the issue of headwear while inside their legion halls when attending a bingo game.

Why I am bringing this topic back to life today is because I have seen pictures posted on Facebook from the 2018 Halloween dance in a local legion with individuals with headwear on, and in the two last editions of The Reporter, during installation of officers ceremonies, there are pictures of legion members attending the ceremony and they are wearing headwear inside the legion’s doors. Pictures in the January 16 edition are in the same legion hall that I was made to take my own headwear off while attending and supporting their legion’s cause.

Were the old rules in the legion rule book reversed, or is the head wear approved in the legion’s rule book for certain occasions?

Whatever the case should be with all due respect to all veterans it should be hats, caps, etc. off inside the legion doors please everyone, not only me.

Clarence Landry