Club 60 receives federal grant

Central Nova MP Sean Fraser and several members of Club 60 take part in a Tai Chi class offered by Mary Rose Wong. Fraser was in Antigonish for a funding announcement at the club, and he was offered the chance to take part in the fitness exercise.

ANTIGONISH: Sean Fraser, Member of Parliament for Central Nova, visited Club 60 on Tuesday of last week to officially announce funding for the facility.

“We’re celebrating the successful application for a grant through the New Horizons for Seniors Program,” said Fraser. “Club 60 was the successful applicant for a grant in the amount of $5,400. It’s going to help this facility with a new refrigerator, accessible washroom pieces, and a heat pump to reduce heating costs.”

The New Horizons for Seniors Program is designed to help facilities that primarily serve seniors across Canada, Fraser said, noting that the area he represents has received “just north of $150,000 this year to help community organizations.”

The money being given to Club 60, he said, is an example of the funds being put to good use. The club is doing well, said Karen MacKinnon-Smith, member of the board of directors for Club 60.

“We don’t have a lot of participants to every activity,” she said, “but we have large numbers for some. Bridge is very big, and Auction 45. We have darts twice a week, and that’s big too.”

The ability to socialize at the club is a very good thing, she added.

“Social isolation of seniors is a major obstacle to mental health and mental well-being,” said Fraser. “To have clubs like this give seniors an opportunity to take part in their community and meet new people is fabulous.”

Aiding such groups, he said, is the main goal of the New Horizons for Seniors Program.

Following the announcement, Fraser toured the facility with MacKinnon-Smith and several members of the club. The washroom facilities were looked at, the kitchen, the office, and the main area.

The tour intersected with a Tai Chi class offered by Mary Rose Wong, who teaches martial art at the club. Fraser took part in some of the graceful movements with Wong and those attending.