Pictured is the former Rev. H.J. MacDonald school in Heatherton.

HEATHERTON: Organizers are hoping to hear back on a skate park proposal next month.

On September 21, the Heather Community Centre hosted a meeting to discuss the possibility of a skate park in the area.

Matt Schumacher, president of the Heatherton and Area Recreation and Skateboard Association (HARSA), said the idea goes back to June, when the community centre hosted an annual general meeting. After people came forward to ask for land to house a skate park, it was decided there needed to be an information session. Following last month’s public session, the Heatherton and Area Recreation and Skateboard Association was formed.

Schumacher said the group offered a proposed location, the overall idea, the details involved in building a skate park, the community benefits and other items. Schumacher also said the board heard from the past and current recreation directors for Chester, who provided insight on the benefits of a community housing a skate park, an RCMP officer, who also talked about the benefits of such a facility, local youth, and a skate park building company.

“Right now, since the community has been informed, we’re kind of waiting on the board of directors to make a decision on whether or not a skate park should be built,” said Schumacher. “At the meeting, the chair of the board said there will likely be a community vote.”

Schumacher said he is hoping to hear back from the board following their next meeting, which he said should take place in early October.

“For Heatherton, they are in need of a win,” he said. “They’ve lost a school, they’ve lost the hall, they’ve lost businesses over the years. You can maybe say the community centre, but that came after the loss of the school. The skate park, to me, is not only a way to make the youth of the community happy… but it’s a feature that can [help attract] younger families or soon-to-be families to the area.”