Concerns of fire safety in St. Peter’s Provincial Battery Park

As we are all aware of the many wild fires burning across Canada every year, one place that comes to my mind is St. Peter’s Provincial Battery Park.

The park holds fifty-plus camping sites high on a hilltop overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and St. Peter’s Canal. It has only one narrow enter-and-exit roadway. The park is popular and used by many local and out-of-province individuals and families using tents, trailers, and motor homes.

A fire safety concern exists in that many dead, fallen or standing trees are around the entire park. With that, there is only a single one-way, narrow roadway going into and out of the park itself.

How can something so important be overlooked for so many years and not be fixed? A late fall and early spring provincial government grant could do wonders while the park is closed for the off-season.

Pick up all the dead, fallen and unsightly trees and widen the one-and-only enter-and-exit roadway into and out of the park. Add an emergency exit only roadway in case a fire breaks out. This would at least give an individual or a family a fair chance for survival.

Hopefully, a fire will never happen in or around the park area. And keep in mind there are also the loyal staff that are employed on day or night shifts.

I feel the need for fire safety concerns to be addressed by the proper persons in charge, for everyone’s safety, and I hope my letter today will make a future difference.

Clarence Landry