Conservative nominee for Central Nova wants better options for young people

WESTVILLE: With a career in municipal politics – spanning almost three decades – under his belt, a local mayor has entered his name into the running to become the Member of Parliament for Central Nova.

Last month Westville Mayor Roger MacKay accepted the nomination as the Conservative candidate for Central Nova and said he is excited to see how the other side of government works.

“I want to ensure our young people have an opportunity to live, work, and someday raise a family right here in Central Nova,” MacKay told The Reporter. “You hear everyday all our young people are out West working. My oldest son, he’s been out there for almost eight-years now, obviously he wants to come home, but there is just nothing here for him.”

He said we have to try to do something to retain youth here in Nova Scotia.

MacKay, who was first elected during a by-election in 1994, and has been the Mayor of Westville since 2008, said his nearly 25-year experience in municipal politics would allow for a smooth transition, if he were to secure a seat in Ottawa.

“I think I understand the needs of our community, the challenges that rural communities face when it comes to infrastructure, governed red-tape, and our struggling economy,” he said. “It seems there are things that could be happening, and for some reason they’re not.”

Had the Energy East pipeline projecte proceeded, MacKay said there would have been lots of employment here for young people, and would have been positive for the region.

“People are tired of seeing scandal after scandal from the government, tax increase after tax increase,” he said, speaking on how the Conservatives will succeed in the upcoming federal election. “I think the people have become tired of Justin Trudeau at this moment – and want change.”