Pictured is a particularly bad section of the Whycocomagh-Port Hood Road.

PORT HOOD: Inverness Municipal Council is looking to make sure locals are able to get out and about following snowstorms this winter.

“Most of Inverness County is rural, and a lot of us are in the same boat,” said John Dowling, the newly-minted councillor for district 6.

Dowling put forward the argument that residents on back roads and secondary roads have been waiting too long for snow removal during the last few winters. Dowling suggested that council pass a motion to contact the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (DTIR) to see if improvements could be made.


It was decided that a letter would be sent to Geoff MacLellan, the minister responsible for DTIR, to request more plows be put on the rural roads. Council is asking for a meeting with the minister and area managers to speak face-to-face.

Dowling wasn’t the only council member to mention the state of county roads. However, not all the news was bad. Councillor Laurie Cranton of district 2 mentioned that some good news came from the DTIR in relation to the East Margaree Road. Repairs have been tendered by the department to fix washout damage there.

“I’ll believe it when I see it, but it has been tendered,” he said.
With that, Cranton would like an update from DTIR on the Margaree Centre Bridge. The bridge is dipping into the river, and Cranton said repairs are urgently needed. The councillor said that Allan MacMaster, MLA for Inverness, was asked to ask the minister for a report during question period in legislature.

“We don’t need a bridge there that’s going to take tractor trailers across or heavy traffic,” he said. “We need to be able to get cars, school buses, and emergency vehicles through there.”
Councillor John MacLennan of district 4 would also like some insight from the DTIR relating to the Valley Mills Bridge, the Stewartdale Bridge, and the condition of the road near the Stewartdale Bridge. MacLennan would also like to see a new stoplight put in where Trans-Canada 105 meets Route 252 and the Village Road.

Both deputy warden Alfred Poirier and Councillor Jim Mustard would like to discuss other road related issues with the DTIR. Poirier has concerns about J-Roads and Mustard mentioned upgrades for the Broad Cove Marsh Road.