Council to sell former school board building

PORT HOOD: Given that they no longer have a tenant for their building in Port Hastings that once served as home for the former Strait regional school board, Inverness Municipal Councillors have decided to sell the asset.

“We have already determined what the market value of the building is, and we will advertise the sale of the building at market value,” said Warden Betty Ann MacQuarrie.

“We’ll be accepting offers that are at market value or more.”

The fair market value was established to be $160,000.

“We’ll put in motion, with our solicitor’s guidance, the sale of the building after our CAO has a visit there to see how everything looks,” she said. “It’s no longer needed by the municipality for any uses.”

The Nova Scotia government announced it would eliminate the province’s seven English language school boards as a part of sweeping changes to the education system on January 24.

Regional school boards were replaced by a provincial advisory council.

Before that change was made, the SRSB moved their offices from Port Hastings to SAERC in Port Hawkesbury.