Council wants explanation from housing authority

PORT HOOD: A situation at the Orangedale Seniors Complex is prompting Inverness Municipal Council to tap the Cape Breton Housing Authority on the shoulder.

CAO Keith MacDonald told council he’s learned that subsidence is taking place at the property. As a result, some of the residents have relocated. A course of action at council’s disposal, he said, is to write a letter to the housing authority to find out the specifics of what’s going on.

“When you write the letter, could you ask them to include the engineer’s report,” councillor John MacLennan said to MacDonald. “I don’t think the engineer report’s too positive.”

Council passed the motion at its meeting on February 7. Just after the motion was passed, council took the opportunity to mull over its interactions with the housing authority.

“I’ve been here for a few years, and maybe this is the wrong time to mention it, but I’d like to have a better view of how much money we’re putting into Cape Breton Housing,” said Deputy Warden Alfred Poirier.

“They are getting money from the county, and I’d like to have an idea of how things are being done.”

Council agreed to invite members of the housing authority to visit one of their meetings to do a presentation.

Councillor Jim Mustard said there are specific points that he’d like the housing authority to address. Both Warden Betty Ann MacQuarrie and Poirier noted that council has to make sure they are asking the right questions of the authority.