PORT HOOD: A recent tour of Inverness County has councillor Jim Mustard thinking the municipality needs a group to look at accessibility issues.

“I think we could probably do a better job,” he said, noting some examples of how easy it is for people without a disability to take accessibility for granted. Imagine dealing with crosswalks, he said, for people with vision or mobility problems.

“Does that make sense to set an accessibility committee up?” he asked.

“Maybe recruit a few members of the community? It’s a long-term game, but we’ll be able to look at a lot of things.”

Councillor Laurie Cranton said he liked the sound of Mustard’s idea.

“As someone with a disability, I’ll never argue against better accessibility,” he said.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done.”

Cranton said there might be an opportunity to draw resources from the province as well, along with partnering with other municipalities. He said he’s willing to contact the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities to see if there’s a “bigger picture” approach that can be taken.

“I have a lot of background in wheelchair accessibility but not so much in hearing and vision,” he said.

“But we can go to organizations like the CNIB and others who have people who could probably do an orientation someday.”