ANTIGONISH: Council is looking forward to the return of a councillor who has been absent due to health reasons.

During the regular monthly meeting of council for the Municipality of the County of Antigonish last week, members requested a vote to request a leave of absence for District 8 councillor Gary Mattie, who has been absent from meetings since June.

McCarron said whenever a councillor misses three meetings in a row, the Municipal Government Act requires a leave of absence.

“Although Gary has not been able to participate at the meetings, he’s certainly involved in lots of discussion with us electronically,” said McCarron. “The things that are important, he’s staying on top of them for sure.”

McCarron said they look forward to Mattie’s return, adding Mattie expects to return next month.

“He’s making great progress,” he said. “We miss his common sense approach around the table for sure.”