County wants to revive physician recruitment committee

ARICHAT: Municipal council wants to put more focus on a committee designed to attract and retain doctors.

During the regular monthly meeting of Richmond Municipal Council on September 25 in Arichat, correspondence was received from Isle Madame pharmacist Tracy Martell, a member of the municipal Physician Recruitment Committee.

With emergency room closures due to doctor shortages experienced at Strait-Richmond Hospital, and the same problems looming at St. Ann Community and Nursing Care Centre in Arichat, Martell requested the committee meet.

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Deputy Warden and committee member Jason MacLean said he would reach out to fellow members of the group – including warden Brian Marchand and district 2 councillor Alvin Martell – to set up a meeting.

MacLean said the doctor shortage is becoming a problem.

“I do know that part of the concern is burning-out the doctors currently practicing, and also the fact that many of our residents in Richmond County are now without a family doctor,” MacLean wrote via e-mail.

Interim Chief Administrative Officer Louis Digout added the committee may have “remaining funds” and can leverage funding from provincial departments to continue recruiting doctors.