County wants to revive physician recruitment committee

ARICHAT: Municipal council wants to put more focus on a committee designed to attract and retain doctors.

During the regular monthly meeting of Richmond Municipal Council on September 25 in Arichat, correspondence was received from Isle Madame pharmacist Tracy Martell, a member of the municipal Physician Recruitment Committee.

With emergency room closures due to doctor shortages experienced at Strait-Richmond Hospital, and the same problems looming at St. Ann Community and Nursing Care Centre in Arichat, Martell requested the committee meet.

Deputy Warden and committee member Jason MacLean said he would reach out to fellow members of the group – including warden Brian Marchand and district 2 councillor Alvin Martell – to set up a meeting.

MacLean said the doctor shortage is becoming a problem.

“I do know that part of the concern is burning-out the doctors currently practicing, and also the fact that many of our residents in Richmond County are now without a family doctor,” MacLean wrote via e-mail.

Interim Chief Administrative Officer Louis Digout added the committee may have “remaining funds” and can leverage funding from provincial departments to continue recruiting doctors.